FAA Deadline For Drone Registration Is Here
The deadline is here drone owners. February 19, 2016. If you own a small unmanned aircraft, it must be registered before they fly outdoors. It's only $5.00. That's much less expensive then the penalties that could be incurred.
5 Areas Near Utica Not to Fly a Drone
Drones are expected to be on the top of many Christmas wish lists. So if you get or give a drone this holiday season, here are the 5 areas of Upstate New York you should not fly them.
Eagle Takes Down A Drone In Mid-Air [VIDEO]
A Kentucky man was arrested for shooting a drone out of the sky because he felt it encroached on his personal space. According to photographyisnotacrime.com, the man was notified by his children that there was a drone flying near his home...

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