halloween candy

Show Me the Snickers!
I’ve compiled a list of my top three least favorite Halloween “treats” as seen through the eyes of the twelve year old me.
The Most Popular Halloween Candy-Halloween 2013
Halloween is almost here.  Have you bought candy yet for the trick or treaters?  This is the candy kids are hoping you'll be handing out in eight days.  The most popular Halloween candy for Halloween 2013.
Is Sandy Going To Leave Me Stuck With All That Halloween Candy?
Happy Halloween one day early.  It's a big day when you're little.   Kids everywhere should be putting on their costumes and ringing doorbells hoping to fill their Halloween bag or bucket with loads of candy.  But Sandy has arrived and changed plans for lots of trick or trea…
Ohio Dentist Offers Cash For Halloween Candy
Halloween is this coming Monday.  Are your kids excited about getting dressed up and accumulating all that candy?  The last thing they're probably thinking about is good dental health but it's exactly what an Ohio dentist is concerned about this Halloween.