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Suspected Haunted House Torn Down in New Hartford
There are many haunted locations around Central New York and one of them, known to many as "Homer's House," has been demolished. On Middle Settlement Road just past Twin Orchards set back in the woods once stood an old white house. Now it's just an empty lot.
What Is Your Real Life Ghost Story?
We want to know, do you have an experience if your life that you just can't explain. This Halloween season, share with us a paranormal experience you've had. We'll share the best ones on-air and on our website. Share your story now.
Visit These Very Real Haunted Houses This Halloween
Halloween is haunted-house season, the one time of year you when, if you want, you can pay a random group of actors to fill up an old warehouse with gory props and costumes and scare the snot out of some people. But if you’re looking for a subtler, truly frightening experience, Ameri…
Get Spooked at Cayo Industrial
Who doesn't like a good scare this time of year? Have you visited Cayo Industrial yet? If not, we can send you there for some Halloween screams. We have 5 pairs of tickets in our Litehouse Rewards Club & Casino up for grabs. All you have to do is sign in and purchase them with your earn…

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