Beware of Active Rental Scam on Utica Craigslist Page
If something seems too good to be true, it unfortunately usually is. On the Utica Craigslist page is a listing for a beautiful home in South Utica for rent at an unbelievable price. That is because it is a clear cut scam. These people use clever tricks to try and steal people's hard earned money and…
The Best Part About Being Over 40-Daily Delilah
Thanks to smart phones and a world obsessed with technology, little escapes the internet now.  As soon as something happens, especially something bad, it's almost instantly online for the world to see.  What's the best part about being over 40?  This daily Delilah definitely…
Retro ‘Kids Guide To The Internet’ Will blow Your Mind
Everything old is new again as a video tutorial to the internet from the late 90's has gone viral.
The video called, 'The Kids Guide to the Internet,' is simply astounding. Filmed when teaching videos were the thing to do, it features a family straight that looks like they just picked …
See the First Image Ever Uploaded to the Internet
The very first photo uploaded to the internet is making the rounds once again nearly 20 years after earning the distinction. And, no, it’s not a photo of cat, a corgi or even Nicolas Cage. It’s way, way worse than that.

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