local music monday

Local Music Monday- Showtime
If you love the music of the 90s then you'll love this weeks Local Music Monday. Lets shine the light on the great tunes of Showtime. You know you've heard them out at 12 North, or even at Saranac.
Local Music Monday- Strung Sideways
If you're looking for that “deep-fried” bluegrass sound here in Utica there is only one choice each and every time, Strung Sideways. Strung Sideways has been described as everything from a southern rock band, to great folks with an acoustic sound. Let's shine th…
Local Music Monday- Shaye Jennings
Maybe you’re looking to hear a great female’s voice, well take a listen to Shaye Jennings. She’s only in her early 20’s and has one of the best voices you'll ever hear. She’s this week’s Local Music …
Local Music Monday- The Johnson & Company
If you're looking for a different style of music than you’re used to hearing, sometimes you just have to open your eyes and realize it's right here in town. If you're looking for something funky with a jazz feel then you will love this. This week's Local Music Mon…
Local Music Monday- Gridley Paige
Gridley Paige is one of the best bands you can catch out live in Central New York. My girlfriend and I have been to a few of their shows, and we are always impressed. This week’s Local Music Monday is on Gridley Paige.