money saving tips

Look Great and Spend Less Money
Most women dress according to what's trendy. But in today's economy it's hard to justify spending money on that cute dress when you have utility bills or food to pay for. With that in mind I thought I would give you a few tips on style and money at the same time.
Avoid Late Fees and Save Money
Most people use credit cards to pay for things. Whether it's big ticket items or something small, some just think it's easier to use a credit card then to carry around cash. Nothing's wrong with using a credit card, you just have to make sure you pay it off every month.
Save Money and Make Your Coffee
I bet you drink at least one cup of coffee every morning. It's no big deal, most people do. But here's my question. Do you stop and get your coffee on the way to work? If you said yes then you might want to continue reading.
Save Money on Your Electric Bill at Christmas
How are your dinner plans coming along for the holidays? I hope you were able to find some great coupons to help you save on your meal. Now that you’re working on the Christmas dinner party menu you can move to the next thing on your to do list, decorating the house...