national grid

Power Outages Throughout Mohawk Valley
UPDATE: 04/20/2015 09:45am  Although a cause has yet to be determined a spokesperson for National Grid says that power has been restored to most residents.  Any customers who are still experiencing power outages should call the company.
Power Outage In Utica
UPDATE: October 31, 2013 10:50am National Grid says that power has been restored to all but approximately 1,000 customers in the area.  They are working to bring back power to those homes before 12:00noon.
National Grid Phone Scams
If you're a National Grid customer; beware.  National Grid is urging everyone to be cautious of unknown callers identifying themselves as representatives and asking for personal banking or credit card information.
Whitesboro Man Charged With Stealing Electricity
This time of the year is generally the worst time for your National Grid bill. You’re busy setting your heat to 62 trying to save money. Either way, you have to pay the bill every month unless you want to live in the stone age. This guy in Whitesboro thought he could get a free ride.

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