How to Win Any Political Argument on Facebook
You watch people you've known for years, people you work with and your mother's cousin's boyfriend battle it out in the comments, posting inches-long essays on the merits or stupidity of removing Confederate monuments.
Things In Central New York Worse Than This Election Season
The election season this year has done nothing but fill your Facebook feed with negativity, and division. It has really been a nasty campaign for our nation's highest, and supposedly most respected position. Many Americans are sick of it, and are ready for it all to be over. Here in Central New York…
Could This Be The Worst Political Ad Ever? [VIDEO]
We've all seen ads from Democrats attacking Republicans and Republicans attacking Democrats, but have you ever seen a political ad going after...everyone? An opponent to the Speaker of The House, John Boehner, has just released a video ad that can be considered one of the most offensive political ad…

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