NY State Expands Sales Tax Exemption
The pricetags might not change, but a new sales tax exemption just made it a little cheaper to update your spring wardrobe. New York State has eliminated its share of sales taxes on all clothing and footwear items priced under $110.
Bigger Holiday Shoppers This Year Are Men
Usually as the old rule states, men generally hate shopping. Unless it's for a car or tools, there's nothing guys detest more than shopping at the mall. Despite an undying hatred of shopping, men are actually the bigger holiday shoppers.
Four Tricky Ways Stores Get You To Spend More Money
The big shopping day is here.  Yup, it's Black Friday.   Perhaps you go out with your list and end up coming home with stuff you weren't expecting to buy.  What happened?   Consumer Reports says we spend 40 billion dollars on gifts each year that end up g…
Buying Purses Make Women The Happiest
Love to shop?  If you're a woman, chances are good that your most favorite thing to buy is a new purse.  One in four women pick handbags as their biggest shopping thrill.
More And More Self-Checkout Lanes Are Going Away
Have you used a self-checkout lane lately? I used one just last night when I went shopping to buy some Popcorn and Icecream and the register kept freezing. It kept telling me my items weren’t bagged, it kept making me swipe my card, than it froze up and I had to wait for a cashier to come over and h…
Men Doing More Online Shopping Than Ever Before
Do you do a lot of online shopping? I tend to buy things from Amazon and Ebay like it’s nobody’s business! I guess I’m not the only one because according to a new Australian survey, more and more guys are shopping online and the average value of online…
The Best Labor Day Sales on the Web
Labor Day means a three day weekend and respite from hard work for many, but it also means it's the season for end-of-summer deals. Here are some of the best savings of the season, from clothing to back-to-school gear.
‘Smart Cart’ Syncs with Phone Apps to Help You Shop
There’s little more frustrating than making a trek to the grocery store, only to get home and realize you forgot something important.
Mobile service provider SK Telecom hopes to change all that with a tablet PC-equipped Smart Cart that will sync items from a grocery-list smartphone app and show you e…
The Most Overpriced Products In Stores
Wholesale food prices are expected to increase by three to five percent this year, grocery stores will be passing this extra cost on to shoppers and maybe even a little extra. Anyone that has ever worked in retail knows how things can be overpriced. Honestly what can you even over price in a gr…

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