Beyonce Cancels Belgium Show Due to Exhaustion
Well this most recent development certainly isn't doing much to negate Beyonce's pregnancy rumors... The 'Grown Woman' songstress has been forced to cancel her latest tour stop in Belgium due to exhaustion.
Listen to Snippets of Lady Gaga Tour Rehearsals
Lady Gaga‘s Born This Way Ball world tour is launching on Friday (April 27), and she’s knee deep in rehearsals for the extravaganza. Snippets of her practicing songs from the show have landed online. They are short but indicate what headspace the Mother Monster is in.
Is Madonna’s MDNA Tour Tanking?
There are two opposite opinions and perspectives of how Madonna‘s upcoming 66-date MDNA world tour, which launches in Tel Aviv next month, is performing, ticket sales-wise. Of course, her business partner Live Nation, with whom she has a $120 million, 360-deal where it profits from all of her revenu…
Madonna Hires ‘Decoy Clones’ for MDNA Tour
Multiple Madonnas? That’d be a dream come true for her legion of fans. But alas, there is only one  Material Girl and in order to protect her privacy, she is employing lookalikes. Madge has reportedly hired a smattering of decoys and clones so as to confuse paparazzi and keep th…

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