How to Successfully Carve a Thanksgiving Turkey
Thanksgiving is time for giving thanks right? Well yes it should be, but what do you do when accompanying holiday headaches distract you from enjoying time with family and friends? This turkey carving hack should help to alleviate some of your stress.
Bird is the Word
Now that Halloween's over it's time to start thinking about Thanksgiving! The holiday season is also the time when we decide to stop counting calories.
The Secret to the Juiciest Turkey You’ll Ever Eat
Whether you’re making your first turkey for Thanksgiving or your hundredth, here's a recipe for the moistest, juiciest bird you’ll ever eat. It'll take some planning ahead of time. It’s called brining, where you soak the bird in a s…
Turkey Hotlines
Don't you wish there was someone you could call when you run into a problem in the kitchen, getting ready for Thanksgiving?  Who wants to ask their Mother-in-law for advice?  You can call the turkey hotline, and there are several options.
How To Make Deep-Fried Turkey In Less Than 20 Steps
It's no secret Americans love fried food. If you could fry my arm I'd probably take a nibble. For several years, people in the south have enjoyed deep-fried turkeys for many special occasions, including Thanksgiving. Deep-fried turkey is very juicy, and the taste is amazing. Would you like to know h…
9 Towns with Tasty Thanksgiving Names
Thanksgiving is upon us. For good pilgrims all across the country, it's a special day to gather together with beloved friends and beloved and/or kind of beloved family to celebrate with a bountiful cornucopia of gravy, green beans and Cool Whip. But

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