The Most Painful Sunburn Photos on Twitter
This summer weekend will probably see you spending plenty of time outdoors. The pools, beaches, camps and playgrounds will be packed. Please don't forget your sunscreen. It's probably the most important thing you can include in your bag. To help you remember how important it is to pack you…
Feminist Taylor Swift Is Everything You Want It to Be
Do you secretly love Taylor Swift, but keep your love hidden because liking her lyrics makes you deeply, deeply ashamed? Twitter profile Feminist Taylor Swift is just the thing for you. They just take a Taylor Swift lyric and tack a feminist button onto it.
Feminist Taylor Swift Twitter Account Spoofs Her Lyrics
Taylor Swift is well known for writing songs about ex-boyfriends and how they did her wrong. Now there is a new Twitter account that riffs on her lyrics of heartbreak and infidelity. Check out a few entries from the "Feminist Taylor Swift" Twitter account which, by the way, is not …
Comedian Nathan Fielder Gets Teens to Play STD Prank on Parents
Comedian Nathan Fielder is making good use of his power on Twitter. He's been coming up with a number of pranks for people to play on their parents/friends and having them send him the often-hilarious results. This time he told his legion of followers to text their parents asking if it's illegal not…

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