If you planned on running the Boilermaker but haven’t signed up yet, well you’re out of luck. The race has officially sold out.

WIBX is reporting that Race officials say they’ve reached the 14,000 cap for the 15-K race.

Director Jim Stasaitis said quote — “I don’t think any of us anticipated the speed in which the race closed out”

Last year’s race, which was capped at 13,00, sold out on May 14th. The 5-K race, with a cap of 4,000, still has slots available, but it’s anticipated that it will quickly close out.

Remember that the 35th running of the Boilermaker takes place on Sunday, July 8th. If you signed up, we wish you the best of luck. If you didn’t sign up, best of luck next year.

[via WIBX]