When it comes to historic sites with a reputation for being haunted the history that supports these reputations is usually a long and tragic one. Sites Like Boldt Castle and Munn's Mansion in Rutger Park have long histories with equally long accounts before the reports of hauntings begin to surface.

Not all historic sites are as well documented as others. In many instances a site may have existed for centuries but its history was never fully (or accurately) documented. An example of this is the Herrings Inn in Carthage, NY.

Shadow Chasers

The first mention of the Herrings Inn is around 1900. While the village and inn took their name from William Prosser Herring, a paper manufacturer from Watertown who built the mill on the Black River.

The paper mill was built in 1887 and later the village and the Inn were developed around the mill with the industrialization of the area. Many believe that the Inn served as a boardinghouse for its workers while others believe that the Inn was a stagecoach stop however, this is all speculation as the actual history of the Inn was relatively undocumented aside from a passing mention in articles about the Mill and William Herring.

Mr. Herring was so upset with one of his workers that upon firing them he threw them from the roof of the building.

There are countless legends and stories told about the construction of the Inn and Mill including some interesting reports that could provide answers as to why the building would be likely haunted. In one alleged account of the construction, it is said that Mr. Herring was so upset with one of his workers that upon firing them he threw them from the roof of the building.

Not surprisingly, many guests of the Herrings Inn, now called the Little Sisters Inn at Herrings, have reported strange unexplained phenomena while staying at the Inn. Reports range from seeing fleeting shadow figures down the halls to lights turning on and off by themselves. Still others have witnessed apparitions, shadow figures, ghostly voices, strange sounds and sensations.



While the majority of the history of the site remains conjecture as part of local legends and stories it has not stopped the reports of ghostly activity. The Herrings Inn remains a prominent historic site despite its relatively unknown history and it will continue to live on as guests and residents dwell on that unknown.

Shadow Chasers

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