My sister Sara must have been so excited that my oldest sister Heather asked her to be a bridesmaid! Unfortunately, soon after the excitement wears off, she will realize how much this is going to cost her. I’ll stick to DJing.  

The cost of being a bridesmaid is ridiculously high. According to, bridesmaids may end up paying $1,695 or more on a wedding. They arrived at this number by tallying up the different costs a bridesmaid is likely to incur for the wedding.

Here's what was included in their calculations according to Yahoo Shine:

  • Engagement gift: $50
  • Travel to bridal shower: $300
  • Contribution to bridal shower: $50
  • Shower gift: $50
  • Travel to bachelorette party: $300
  • Contribution to bachelorette party: $60
  • Bridesmaid dress: $150 (on the cheaper side)
  • Alterations: $50
  • Lingerie: $50
  • Shoes: $75
  • Accessories: $60
  • Wedding gift: $100
  • Travel to wedding: $300
  • Hair, nails, make-up: $100

Jeepers. I’m so thankful I’m a guy, life is so easy.