TV sitcoms have a way of making certain male characters turn into heart throbs. You would go out and buy posters with these studs on them, and you wouldn't miss a moment of the TV magic. However, not all male TV characters are created equal. Some can be out right annoying or crazy. So if you fall into a TV Universe any time soon, here's the Top Male TV Characters You Wouldn't Be Caught Dating. Unless you want your homefries to think you're weird or dorky.

  • Blast From TV Past- Deputy Barney from The Andy Griffith Show

    Most of Andy's time is spent calming down, and trying to understand his poor cousin Deputy Barney. Let's be honest, if you can handle Barney's voice for longer than an hour, you may in fact be a goddess. He probably wouldn't know the right place to take you on a date. If you wanted to go to Lovers Lane, he'd end up taking you to a Garbage Dump.

  • Steve Urkel from Family Matters

    Urkel was your stereotypical nerd, with large thick eyeglasses, and "high-water" pants held up by suspenders. My advice, bring a jacket on this date unless you want to be caught in one of his handsome multicolored cardigan sweaters. You have to feel bad for the Winslow family having Urkel as a neighbor, he'd never leave them alone. Remember, he's still in love with Laura Winslow. He'd leave you in a second for her!

    Family Matters/Facebook
  • Cody Lambert from Step By Step

    Day by day Cody lived in an ugly van while the rest of the family lived in doors. He doesn't really have much going for him, considering he had no job. At times it appears his showering was questionable, so you have to assume the van smells too. His voice sounded like a biker trying to be a kid, so hopefully you can look past that. I'm sure he'd be loyal, and entertaining.

  • Shawn Hunter from Boy Meets World

    One would ask: “Why did Shawn Hunter make this list?” Well, lets start with how he acted on the show. He was Corey's right hand man, so if Corey called at 3AM, expect Shawn to leave and go to him. It was a “bromance” that seemed a little too close at times. Shawn seems like the jealous type, and honestly, I wouldn't trust him. He seems like the kind that would cheat and steal. Just like Cody, showering is also questionable with Shawn.

  • Joey Gladstone from Full House

    Hey, he's very entertaining and funny, but Ranger Joe isn't husband material. Unless you want dinners filled with Tasmanian Devil voices, or hand gestures to “Cut, It, Out” date him. He's a middle age man who lives in a home with two other men, and three little girls. His life is centered around his stand-up career, and wouldn't be you. He's had a few jobs through the years, but nothing consistent. Clearly Joey has commitment issues.

  • Screech Powers from Saved By The Bell

    Screech is very comfortable with his geekiness and fancies himself a ladies' man. If you expect to Screech to love you fast, think again. He's still suffering from an undying love for Lisa Turtle. If you wanted a date to a Planetarium, or maybe a Chemistry lab, than Screech is for you. In his college years, Screech did fall in love with a chimp. If you love monkeying around, Screech would be the perfect catch.