If you have always dreamed of getting on the 'Kiss Cam' at the Carrier Dome, that dream may never become a reality. An upset fan from a recent football game wrote a letter to the editor of Syracuse.com complaining about alleged "sexual assault" he witnessed on the 'Kiss Cam.' For fear of legal action against the University, Syracuse has done away with this popular in-game feature.

If you were to have read the fan's letter, he describes what he saw as "horrifying behavior."

The first two people (and probably most people that wind up on the kiss cam) were happy to oblige the camera. However, the cameraman then scanned into the student section where a young man and a young woman were shown. Clearly not a couple, the male student pleaded his case for a kiss on the big screen while the female adamantly shook her head no. So what does this guy do? He grabs her head and shoves his tongue down her throat, the crowd cheers.

He then went on to describe a similar incident that occurred right after the first. So far, no student has come forward to lodge a complaint of sexual assault and it is believed that the decision from the University came solely because of the letter to the editor.

A student from the SU student newspaper, The Daily Orange, made a very good suggestion to solving this problem.

To avoid uncomfortable situations in the future, the “Kiss Cam” should never be used on the student section when operators are looking for a couple to feature, as doing so creates chance for risk on multiple levels. The university should also review its policies to ensure these situations do not happen again and should be open to suggestions and feedback from the Syracuse community.

Do you agree with the fan who wrote this letter? Should the 'Kiss Cam' come back? It is unknown whether or not Syracuse officials will bring this sporting event staple back to the Dome, but of right now it doesn't look good.

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