The sad news was announced earlier this week that Boil Shack in New Hartford has closed their doors. Now, the building is up for lease for $75,000. Does that mean we could see another restaurant come in and take over?

If that was the case, I know Central New Yorkers have a long list of preferences that they would like to see open there. There's been rumors of some of these restaurants trying to make their way to the area for years, and we've yet to see it happen. Now that there's a prime space open, is it possible we could see one of them move into town?

We asked the question: "Now that Boil Shack in New Hartford on Seneca Turnpike has closed...what restaurant would you like to see take it's place?" If we told you we didn't expect the answers that we got - we'd 100% be lying.

So, what was suggested? Here's just a few examples of what we, the people, want: some were said multiple times, others the sole suggestion.

10 Restaurants That Could Replace Boil Shack in New Hartford, NY

What would you like to see move into the former Boil Shack location in New Hartford on Seneca Turnkpike?

Some even commented saying that they think the building should be torn down, since nothing has ever lasted there. Fair point.

What would you like to see move into town? Let us know inside our station app.

Remember When We ALMOST Had Tullys?

Several years ago, word on the street was that Syracuse based restaurant chain, Tully's, would be taking over the location at 8428 Seneca Turnpike. However, rumors were ultimately debunked after discussions with restaurant managers, explaining that the building would need "too much work" done and it "wasn't worth the investment."

Now, allegedly, it will be turning into a car wash (because yes, we need another one of those.) *eyeroll*

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