Owen Murphy from Westmoreland may only be 11 years old but don't let his age deter you from checking out his comedy act at the Stanley Theater. He's hilarious!

Owen is pursuing his dream of becoming a professional comedian and he has the distinct privilege of performing a benefit show at the historic Stanley Theater on August 21. Owen Murphy is a seventh grader who has aspirations of one day rising to the top like Jerry Seinfeld and Brian Regen.

NBC's Saturday Night Live already has their eyes on this kid! I recently sent a tweet about Owen on my personal Twitter page, and SNL favorited it!

Matt Hubbell

"A lot of people expect to go up there telling knock-knock jokes and I get up there and talk about my family, the presidential election, Donald Trump stuff like that," Murphy said. " And people really don't expect it."

Owen has been making people laugh ever since he was a toddler. Owen's dad said he's always putting others first, so when he heard that the Stanley was having a bit of financial difficulty, he stepped up and offered to do a comedy benefit. Jerry Krause, executive director of the Stanley Theater, said he's always looking for acts that are one of a kind and special. Owen fits that description to a t.

The show is August 21 at 6 PM. Tickets are $7 per person or $20 per family (limit of 5.) Hurry, a limited number of tickets are available. To purchase your tickets visit the Stanley box office 10 AM-3PM, Monday - Friday, or you can call 315-724-4000. You can also visit them online at TheStanley.org

You can WATCH an interview with Owen HERE.

Just Jen and I chatted about Owen today.


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