A 12-year-old Central New York girl put together a list of rules for her family when she needed a little solitude, and frankly, we can all relate.

12-year-old Ava of Whitesboro needed a little alone time in her room, with the door closed. In order to make that happen, so posted a set of "rules" on her door. The rules are hilarious, but we find ourselves asking where we can get a copy for our office. Or maybe the bathroom.

Credit: Danielle Pendolf
Credit: Danielle Pendolf

Who hasn't had a day like Ava must be having? Her mom Danielle says Ava has always been pretty sassy (in a good way). "I don’t know where she gets it from," says mom with a wink.

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So what are the rules for Ava?

"If this is on my door, it means I am busy, mad, throwing a fit, or trying to sleep...if you're smart you should...just leave."

Ava then follows with suggestions on what you can do instead of ignoring her requests.

  • If you need to ask me something not urgent - text me.
  • If you need to ask me something I really need to know and it can't wait - call me.
  • If it has to do with food - just barge in. (Clearly, Ava understands.)
  • If you're going to yell at me, wait 5 minutes (presumably a cooling off period) then knock.

Let's be honest, Ava is on to something here...especially about the food.

Same, Ava, same.

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