Many will say that the Braylee Rice Memorial Facebook page should never have to have been erected.

The 14-year old began school this week by hanging herself from the bleachers at her middle school in Marion, Indiana.

Friends and family say that Braylee was suffering from depression, but it was bullying from her peers that allegedly pushed her over the edge.  Details are being investigated by police but at least one member of her family says she was taunted by bullies at school who told her that she should kill herself.  Some say water bottles were thrown at her.  It is thought that Braylee had just finally reached the point where she felt she could not take it any longer.

And so, sometime between the time she left one of her classes at 8:45 and 10:15, when her body was discovered, the teen decided to take her own life.

Members of Braylee's family have taken to Facebook to express their outrage over the bullying and their extreme sadness at her loss.

One friend posted this:

Braylee Rice Memorial Facebook page
Braylee Rice Memorial Facebook page

There are resources available for those who need help to stop bullying, and even to define what bullying really is.  The government has launches a "Stop Bullying" campaign as well in an effort to stop the spread of the problem. Unfortunately, bullying is a growing issue in society, one with consequences that are often irreversible.



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