Time to send in your band submission to be considered for Saranac Thursday.

According to tot he Saranac FB Page:

We’re now accepting band submissions for Saranac Thursdays 2020, from now until 1/30. Submissions must be sent to tarar@saranac.com with a press kit. We will only review submissions sent to the requested email. Press kits sent via direct messages will NOT be considered.

We spoke with Tara Ritchko, Event and Tour Center Manager for Matt Brewing Company and she tells us this:

Cindy: What are the do's and don'ts to be considered?
Tara: All submissions need to be emailed to Tarar@saranac.com by 1/30. That’s the only real requirement.

Cindy: Should they be a local band?
Tara: No. Can be local, regional or national.

Cindy: What kind of music are you looking for?
Tara: All types. No specific genre. If any specification, looking for more upbeat music (not sleepy, quiet venue😊)

Cindy: How many bands are you looking for?
Tara: 17 bands

Cindy: How many submissions do you receive?
Tara: Around 150

Cindy: When will the official lineup be announced?
Tara: We announce usually in April!

Now, go submit your stuff! Your best stuff!


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