Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images
Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images

The beaches along Cazenovia Lake in Madison County are now open.

According to a written release Geoffrey Snyder, Health Director of the Madison County Health Department, says that swimming at Lakeland Park and Willow Bank Yacht Club may resume following water quality tests and assessment of the water.

e-green algae were found at 2 local beaches resulting in their closure. Swimming, wading, and water contact activities were not permitted at the beaches until visual verification and water samples confirm toxin levels are below a level of concern.

The Madison County Department of Health had closed beaches at Willow Bank Yacht Club and Lakeland Park on Cazenovia Lake due to blue-green algae blooms.

According to the Madison County Department of Health news release, blue-green algae is naturally present in freshwater lakes, ponds and streams in low numbers with no visible blooms. Blooms can occur in a nutrient-rich, shallow environment during hot, sunny weather. It can produce toxins harmful to people and animals. Symptoms can include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, skin or throat irritation, allergic reactions or breathing difficulties. If consumed is sufficient quantities toxins could affect the liver and nervous system.

If you see discolored water, floating scums, and algae blooms avoid contact. If contact did occur, wash with soap and water to remove algae.

This type of blue-green algae has also been discovered at Owasco Lake according to Cayuga County Health Department.

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