Here it comes. Ready or not. Winter is on the way. And we need to get ready.

We recently told you how Norwegians are better at winter than we are in Central New York, because they embrace the season and enjoy happy events surrounding the winter months. That's the psychological factor. As for the physical side of it, the U.S. Army has some suggestions on preparing your BODY for the onslaught of colder temperatures. There are basically two levels of prep they use for soldiers. One is moderate, the other is extreme.

Let yourself be cold. Get acclimated to the colder temps by underdressing on purpose. Instead of wearing a heavy coat, try wearing only a light jacket. Walk around outside instead of of huddling under the blankets.

Seek out higher elevations where the temperatures are lower (hello, Adirondacks), and spend some time there; the Mohawk Valley will seem downright balmy by comparison.

Four more words: Turn down the thermostat.

Take cold showers. You don't have to go "cold turkey" when it comes to giving up hot water. Just mix in short blasts of the cold stuff along with your normal routine. The more acclimated you become, the less your blood vessels constrict, and the more comfortable you'll be with winter conditions.

One word of warning: Folks with serious heart problems should NOT engage in these practices; it could be dangerous. For more on the science, check out this article in Time.

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