The Volkswagen Beetle is back for 2012, and a commercial for the vehicle portrays the new model as a reincarnation of the classic Beetle, with the help of the Smash Mouth song ‘I’m a Believer.’

The ad begins with shots of the vintage Beetle in a wedding scene, a high-speed police car chase, off-roading through muddy terrain and towing a full-length school bus. With the words of wisdom, “They say if you are good in one life, you are rewarded in the next,” the commercial segues into a shot of the sleek new Beetle racing down a coastal freeway.

The spot calls the new model “the 21st century Beetle.” The 2012 Beetle revives the classic VW line, which initially ran through 2003, followed by a “New Beetle” line that was produced until 2010. No Beetle model was manufactured in 2011.

Smash Mouth’s vibrant 2001 remake of the Monkees’ 1966 pop gem ‘I’m a Believer’ appears throughout the entire 30-second ad. That song reached No. 25 for Smash Mouth, making it the last significant hit for a band that previously reached the Top 10 with ‘Walkin’ On the Sun,’ ‘All Star’ and ‘Then the Morning Comes.’

Watch Smash Mouth’s ‘I’m a Believer’ in the 2012 Volkswagen Beetle Reincarnation Commercial

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