The Oneonta Norway Spruce is getting ready to travel to midtown Manhatten.

There's progress in Oneonta. These pictures are sent to us by a friend of the family.
They say it's slow going getting the Norway Spruce ready to travel to Rockefeller Center. They're very carefully smoothing the limbs together and wrapping them up. This process is very time-consuming but necessary for the health of the tree. What you see in the photos took them 2 day's and there's actually somebody inside the wrapped portion at the top of the tree pulling the branches up and in.


Imagine going from a backyard in Oneonta to being the star of the show at Rockefeller Center? Sounds like a dream come true for anyone, but we're talking about a tree.

The past few months there have been whispers about the possibility of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree coming from Oneonta. It's was all hush-hush until now.  But the thing is, Angie and Graig Eichler are not allowed to talk to the media until the Norway Spruce at 72 Country Club Road is cut down on November 10. So we spoke with friends of the family, and they said: "they're happy the secrets out." Can you imagine how hard it must be to keep a secret that big?

We're told Angie and Graig both work at SUNY Oneonta.  Angie is the Greek Life Adviser as well as a Fitness Instructor at the YMCA, and she recently received the 2016 Alan Donovan Outstanding Community Leadership Award. They live in the quiet West End of Oneonta with their two kids and an enormous tree.

That beautiful Norway Spruce may be too big for a backyard, but she will be the perfect Leading Lady at Rockefeller Center. She'll be put on a pedestal, manicured to perfection, draped in 5 miles of lights, wear the famous Swarovski Crystal Star, serenaded by the biggest stars, and all the while looking perfect from every angle in each photograph. Once the holidays have passed, she'll be donated to Habitat for Humanity where she's milled, treated and made into lumber that will be used to build a home.

The NBC reports the tree will be cut down on November 10 and will arrive in midtown Manhattan on November 12. Her big coming out party is on November 30.

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