There are certain things you only really understand if you're Central New York. Tomato pie, we're looking at you.

Central New York isn't like anywhere else in the United States - we've got some really unique things going on that you can only really get if you're from here (or maybe lived here a really long time).

Things You'll Only Understand If You're From Central New York

  1. Third Winter a.k.a. Sprinter - the winter that sticks around when it should be over
  2. Utica Greens
  3. Upside Down Pizza
  4. Having all 4 seasons in 1 week
  5. Potholes that will eat your car
  6. Trinkaus Manor
  7. Hemstrought's
  8. Voss
  9. The Mills
  10. Boilermaker weekend
  11. The Erie Canal vs. The Barge Canal
  12. Utica Club
  13. FX Matt Brewery
  14. Chicken riggies
  15. Kewpee's
  16. Rainbow and his guitar
  17. Cowboy
  18. Half moons (are NOT black and white cookies)
  19. High taxes (hello, 8.75% sales tax Oneida County)
  20. Salt potatoes
  21. The giant watering can
  22. Traffic stopped by cows, horses, or geese
  23. Riverside Mall

Did we leave anything off this list? What?


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