Syracuse is known for being one of the snowiest cities in the United States, and even with being behind its annual average at this time, Syracuse is the second snowiest place.

Thanks to the good people at who put on the annual contest of the top 25 snowiest places in the US, we have the latest information on where Syracuse stands compared to other cities like Anchorage, Alaska and Fargo, North Dakota and even places like Greensboro, North Carolina, who happen to be on the list after their crazy snowstorm in early December.

Speaking of Greensboro, North Carolina, according to Golden Snow Globe, that city usually gets just over an inch by this time in the winter season (if that). They made the list because they've gotten over a foot of snow so far! That's a lot for Greensboro.

On the other side of that scale, Syracuse is actually below-average when it comes to the amount of snowfall they've received this year. According to Golden Snow Globe, Syracuse usually has about 45.7 inches of snowfall (by January 4th). Syracuse has actually gotten about 37.8 inches.

So who's beating the Central New York area??

Believe it or not, it's not Erie, Pennsylvania (who won snowiest city in the US last year). It's actually a place that probably should come to mind...

Anchorage, Alaska.

From the data from, Anchorage is even behind their annual snowfall, but not by as much - The city usually has about 39.4 inches of snowfall for the season, but they're at 38.3 inches. That's still enough to beat Syracuse... As of now.

There's still a LOT of winter to go.

Golden Snow Globe is a national contest for which city (with a population of 100,000 or more) gets the most snow for the season. The site lists the top 25 cities with the most snow. It is a rolling list however, so if a city fall out of the top 25 they may make it back on the list with more snowfall.

We'll take a look at the snowfall totals periodically through this season and let you know where Syracuse stands on the list. Will they be the snowiest city in the US for winter 2018-2019? Will they fall below the top 5 mark?

...Well, we're just going to have to wait and see.



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