I recently had a chance to visit Sylvan Beach, and it was a whole lot nicer than it was 10 years ago. If you haven't been in a while, I encourage you to visit. Here's why....

Years ago, Sylvan beach was one of Central New York's premiere destinations for entertainment, nightlife, and family entertainment. The last time I visited back in 2005 it was not very pretty. The beach was dirty and every building and attraction looked weary and worn.

I was really impressed with the vast improvements they've made to the area. In fact, I'm going again this weekend. Here are 5 reasons you should visit when you get a chance!

Rides for the Kids!

If you're looking to keep the youngsters entertained for a few hours, the rides will keep them smiling!

Matt Hubbell

Sun, Surf, and Sand!

The beach is clean, and the water's refreshing. If you haven't visited, I think you'll be impressed with the cleanliness and overall condition of the shoreline. Oneida Lake attracts a lot of visitors in the summer months, so arrive early to ensure a comfortable place on your towel.

Matt Hubbell

  Walks Along the Lake

If you're not in the mood for swimming, sunbathing, or riding roller coasters, you can always enjoy a relaxing stroll on the pier.

Matt Hubbell

There are plenty of other reasons to visit Sylvan Beach. The area has some of the best restaurants that Central New York has to offer. They also offer affordable vacation packages that will fit your budget.

See ya at the beach!

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