You don't have to look too far for a class on digital photography or computer basics, but what about more important skills? In the unlikely event that we need to rebuild society, there are some things we'll need to learn.

You can take classes to learn some forgotten skills (well, obviously everyone hasn't forgotten them). These classes might come in handy in the event of a zombie apocalypse, or some kind of nuclear showdown with a foreign country run by a crazy man. Someone has to make stuff when the mall is gone. The good news is that all of these classes are local.

1. Bookbinding class - it wasn't always as easy as walking into your local Barnes and Noble. According to the class description, you'll "learn traditional bookbinding techniques using beautiful handmade papers and fabric". Offered at Signature 81 Studios in Clinton.

2. Quilting class - your grandmother may have made a quilt from old clothing and fabric scraps - you can learn to do the same. Sign up at Tiger Lily Quilt Company in Utica.

3. Calligraphy - the Declaration of Independence wouldn't look half as impressive if it weren't for the fancy script. You think comic sans would have the same gravitas? Unlikely. You too can learn to write like the Founding Fathers with a calligraphy class at Munson-Williams Proctor Arts Institute.

4. Timber Framing - log cabins don't build themselves. In this class, you're introduced to the basic timber framing methods and the tools that are used for building with timber frame construction. It's a bit of a drive, but this class is offered by the Adirondack Folk School.

5. Hunting class - you're gonna have to eat. The Department of Environmental Conservation offers classes on the basics of hunting and trapping.

We've gotten a little soft in modern society. This isn't a complete list of everything we'd need to know if we had to start America from scratch, but it's a good start. What skill would you want to learn?


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