There is a long argument from so many people that the day following the Super Bowl should almost be a national holiday. If for no other reason than to give the millions of people who stay up late drinking, a day to recover. Wouldn't you love to have that day just added to a paid holiday list at your job?

Another thing to add is that most of these days we should all get off are a Monday. Here is a little fun fact worth knowing, Monday is actually the most common day people will call in sick. In fact, the Monday following the big game is apparently called 'Super-Sick Monday'.

Here are the day's everyone in Utica should have off:

The Monday Following The Boilermaker

Dave Wheeler/TSM

This one is fairly obvious. Sure, some people may recover quickly. But in reality, many people do participate and need an extra day to recoup.

The Day Following A Weeknight Comets Game

Jeff Monaski, TSM

Look, this could apply to going to a concert on a weeknight. But sometimes you go a little hard on the bottle rooting for the Comets to win at The Aud. Who can blame you?

Friday After Saranac Thursdays


Look, this one is a bit tricky. I would say everyone should be able to take one Friday off each summer so they can go out and enjoy the best of Utica.

Monday Following Any Food/Beer Festival


I will stress, especially the Brewfest at The Utica Zoo. There is no such thing as sometimes going easy. So Sunday may not be the only day you need to recover. Or if you eat a gigantic abundance of CNY foods at a festival, those require time too.

Monday Following Heart Run & Walk

Cindy McMullen/TSM

Much like the Boilermaker, if you participate you should get a comp day to recover. Especially if you do the run part.

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