Are you planning a Cinco de Mayo party, but you still need a bit of inspiration? Here are five tips for the best Cinco de Mayo party this side of the border:

1. B.Y.O.Dip

Cinco de Mayo - BYO Dip
Edsel L, Flickr

Instead of asking everyone to BYOB, ask your attendees to bring their own dip while you provide lots of chips. Be sure to dole out a variety of dip responsibilities—think guacamole, queso, super-spicy, green tomatillo and freshly chopped salsa—so your guests have a wide selection to choose from and experiment with.

2. Red, Green and White

Cinco de Mayo - Mexican Flag Colors
Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images

Incorporate as much red, green, and white—the Mexican flag's colors—into your party's decor. You can also ask people to dress in the colors for an especially festive get-together. Face paint is another way to get more color into your fiesta.

3. Say Yes to the Pinata

Cinco de Mayo - Pinata
Handout, Getty Images

Bring back childhood birthday-party memories with a piñata at your upcoming Cinco de Mayo party. In addition to candy, fill the piñata with tiny (plastic) bottles of booze or Mexican treats.

4. Musico de Mexico

Cinco de Mayo - Mariachi Band
Gary Gershoff, Getty Images

A Cinco de Mayo party is not complete without traditional Mexican tunes. Create a playlist of especially festive music and play it nice and loud. If your budget allows, consider hiring a live Mariachi band.

5. Practice Cactus

Cinco de Mayo - Cacti
DominusVobiscum, Flickr

Line your front entryway with tiny pots of cacti to get people in the right mood. Offer one to each guest as a party favor on their way out.

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