AMC's “The Walking Dead” is officially one of the best shows on TV. The best part; its based off a graphic novel. AMC has been very true with keeping the story line from the comic the same as the TV show. Each and every episode has its fair share of drama, and fair share of amazing kills. I warn you, this post is going to be graphic. Here's 5 Kills From Season Two Of The Walking Dead.

  • 1

    Water Walker

    Remember this big walker who got filled with water in the well? Now you do.

  • 2

    Church Is In Session

    We still never learned why these walkers were just sitting in a church. Some believe they still have some human characteristics.

  • 3

    Sophia's Death

    Probably one of the most heart wrenching scenes of the season. You can see the grief in everyones eyes.

  • 4

    Death Of Otis

    This was probably the turning point of Shaynes life.

  • 5

    Michonne Saves Andrea

    What's cooler than someone using a samurai sword to kill walkers?