The first day of school is a big deal in the life of a mom. From your very first to your very last, you experience a range of emotions - from relief to melancholy to feeling overwhelmed.

Do any of these moms sound familiar?

5 Kinds of Moms on the First Day of School

1. The Relieved Mom - it's been a long, difficult summer. The kids were fighting the whole time, the rain made everyone stir crazy and your house looks like a tornado went through it. You're just looking forward to a little quiet and the ability to do actually finish a single household chore instead of running around managing the kids' mini-disasters.

2. The Emotional Mom - the tears start rolling down her cheeks before the bus even pulls away - in fact, shopping for school supplies got her a little choked up. Who knew pencils could be so emotional? While she's got a lot to accomplish during the day, the sight of her babies headed to school is just a reminder of how quickly time flies.

3. The Working Mom - the first day of school is a big day, but mom has got it completely under control. Working mom has already gotten lunches packed, supplies labeled and forms completed - there just isn't time to do it any other way. Of course, by the second month of school, there may be those days where she's throwing a granola bar and $5 in a bag and calling it lunch and making a call to the school because the Zoo Trip permission slip just disappeared (not that there's anything wrong with that).

4 The Frazzled Mom - where did she put that box of crayons? And did she fill out that athletic form for the school so the kids can try out for the team...and there goes the bus. Two of the kids are already in the car to get driven to school but the other one is still looking for her new light-up sneakers (not those, the other ones). Did anyone feed the dog? Whew, it's exhausting and it's not even 7 am.

5. The "All of The Above" Mom - yes, she can't wait to enjoy a cup of coffee in silence, but the silence kind of stinks because she really loves the sound of the kids laughing and playing and talking...and now she's crying again. Doesn't matter because she has to get to work...but one of the kids forgot their lunch box, so she's definitely swinging by school on the way out.

Whichever Mom you are, enjoy every minute of today - all of it goes so quickly. One minute, they're walking into their kindergarten classrooms and the next, they're walking across a stage to gather their high school diplomas.



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