Vanilla Ice is currently starring in his own home renovation reality TV show on the Do It Yourself Network. Why not? What wouldn’t a one hit wonder know about home improvements? However, Vanilla Ice isn’t the only one hit wonder from the 90s. Most of them are still doing a whole lot of nothing. Here’s 5 One Hit Wonders From The 90s.

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    Nine Days

    Absolutely (Story Of A Girl)

    This song was written by their lead singer John Hampson, and the girl who "Cried a river and drown the whole world" was his girlfriend, Teresa Savino, who later became his wife. The song was a huge success, but Nine Days was not able to follow it up.

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    Suzanne Vega

    Tom's Diner

    Suzanne Vega wrote this song while eating breakfast at Tom's Restaurant on the corner of Broadway and 112th Street in New York City. Tom's has another famous place in pop culture as well: it was Jerry Seinfeld's hang out in his hit sitcom Seinfeld.

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    The Baha Men

    Who Let The Dogs Out?

    Various versions of this song were hits in the Caribbean, but The Baha Men toned down the Calypso rhythm to make it more appealing to American listeners.

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    How Bizarre

    The song won the award for "Single of the Year" at the 1996 New Zealand Music Awards.

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    This was the only US Top 40 hit for Chumbawamba. The group was a collective dedicated to the destruction of the government of the United Kingdom.