Did you ever leave something on the roof of your car? Has said item met a gruesome end as a result of your forgetfulness? Yup. Us, too.

Certain things are built to go on the top of your car. Things like skis, kayaks, and mattresses. Some things are not. For example: an extremely expensive piece of audio equipment owned by the radio station where you only just started working a few months ago. For the record, DAVE left these on the roof of his car. As a result, they met an untimely end in the middle of River Road in Marcy.

What else shouldn't you leave on the roof of your car?

1. A cup of coffee.

2. Your cellphone.

3. Your handbag.

4. A child.

5. A pizza.

I've managed 3 out of the above 5. How about you? What's the worst thing you left on your car? Let us know on Facebook.



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