One of the highlights of 2017 was the ability to talk to and learn about the firefighting community. And with every segment of "Firefighter Friday," we've learned something new about the life of firefighters.

First of all, we want to thank all who have nominated firefighters to be featured on "Firefighter Friday." And we want to thank all the firefighters who dedicate their time to serving our community and helping those in their time of need.

We've heard many stories of unbelievable rescues and firefighters inspiring others to join their local fire departments. We've heard stories of men and women advocating for cancer awareness for the firefighting community and firefighters who have literally dedicated their lives to the community. And from all those stories, we've learned so much about firefighters and the job they do. Every story we heard left an impact on us, these seven left us speechless.


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    Father Inspires Daughter to Become a Firefighter

    Lee Center Volunteer Fire Department

    We sat down and talked to James Rouillier Jr. and his daughter Becca Rouillier. Becca nominated her father for "Firefighter Friday" because he inspired her to become a firefighter. They told us what it's like to work side-by-side, as a father and daughter team.

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    A Tragic First Day Doesn't Stop This Firefighter

    Hilltop Volunteer Fire Company

    We drove to Dolgeville to get the chance to talk to "Skip" Avery for this "Firefighter Friday." He showed us the fire trucks and emergency vehicles, and also told us the heartbreaking story of his first day on the job. A traumatic experience, that somehow didn't stop him from staying with the fire department.

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    What It's Like to Be a Young Fire Captain

    Liverpool Fire Department

    In August, we talked to Josh Ambrose who is the Captain of the Liverpool Fire Department. Josh is only 25-years-old, but don't let his young age fool you. He's proven his dedication to his fire department, and the ability to oversee the station and take on all the duties a captain must do.

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    Strong Advocate for Firefighter Cancer Awareness

    Boonville Fire Department

    We sat down with Dean Yauger, the Assistant Chief of the Boonville Fire Department. Dean explains to us the difference between volunteer firefighters and paid firefighters. And on top of everything he does, Dean spends time educating other firefighters about the cancer risk of being a firefighter, and teaches them preventive measures.

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    Young Woman Inspiring Others to Follow Their Firefighting Dreams

    Georgetown County Fire and EMS

    Unfortunately, we didn't get the chance to speak to Ashley Baker directly because she followed her firefighting dreams to South Carolina. But she got her start at Lee Center Fire Department, and worked very, very hard to become the firefighter she is today. Her story is so inspiring to anyone who has considered joining their local fire department.

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    The Story Behind the Firefighting Organization 'Believe 271'

    District Fire Chief for the Town of Trenton

    Brian Palmer oversees two fire stations and is also the Vice President and one of the co-founders of the fantastic firefighter organization Believe 271. He tells us how the organization got started, and what they've been able to accomplish.

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    Cancer Diagnosis Doesn't Stop Firefighter

    Stittville Fire Department

    The most inspirational and moving interview we've done for "Firefighter Friday" has to be when we sat down and talked with Neil aka "Suds" Sutherland. What can we say about Suds? Well, he's one of the most generous and kind-hearted people we've met. One-of-a-kind. He's been with the fire department for more than 50 years, and even after being diagnosed with cancer (linked to his years of firefighting), he's still SO dedicated to serving his community and helping others.

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