St. Paddy's Day is a time to have fun with your friends at the pub, but it is also a time to keep an eye out for whatever guys may come your way. put together a list of 8 Fun Ways to Pick Up a Guy on St. Patrick's Day. Try one of these and see if you have the luck of the Irish!

1) Challenge him to finish an Irish Car Bomb faster than you. If you haven't had one before, you may want to practice drinking one beforehand it's a shot of Jameson dropped into a glass of Guinness.

2) Teach him how to say "Cheers" in Gaelic: "slainte"

3) Offer him a shot out of your beaded shot glass necklace.

4) Pinch him (affectionately, of course) if he's not wearing green -- it's an Irish tradition!

5) Ask him if he'll help you navigate the crowds at your local parade. You don't want to get lost in the madness!

6) If you really want to be blunt, simply point to your pin that says, "Kiss Me, I'm Irish!"

7) Hit him with this cheeserific pick-up line: "You look magically delicious, and I just happen to be a cereal dater."

8) Walk up to him and say, "Wow, this really is my lucky day."

What other tricks do you have up your sleeve?