Every once in a while, you need a nap in the middle of the day. While it's probably not a great idea to fall asleep at your desk at work, there are some good options for power naps in Central New York.

February 28th is National Public Sleeping Day, created in 2011, in honor of all of us who put in a hard day's work, take care of families, and maybe fall a little short on sleeping at night. Not all locations are created equal, so here are Central New York's Best Spots For Daytime Naps:

Any spot along the Erie Canal. Proximity to water is incredibly calming.

The tree-lined drive through Valley View golf course. Just beware of errant shots.

Onondaga Lake Park. The Willow Bay area is especially nice.

Delta Lake State Park. Nice spot following a satisfying round of golf at Teugega.

Lakeland Park overlooking the south end of Cazenovia Lake. Make sure there's not a great band rockin' the gazebo.

Green Lakes State Park. I've been known to nap before and/or after a walk or run around the emerald lakes.

The underground parking garage at Shoppingtown Mall in DeWitt. My go-to spot when I lived in Syracuse. Dark and cool, especially in summer.

The special couch seating at the Hamilton Theater. Extra roomy comfort, but you also need just the right movie to put you to sleep. I must admit: the last movie in which I dozed off was Black Panther, in a showing at Marquee Cinemas in New Hartford.

Recline the car seat, pull a baseball cap over your eyes, and rejuvenate, my friends. And if you have any other favorite locales for public sleeping, please share.


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