The Internet is a safe haven for cringeworthy videos. Add a new one to the list.

This is a rap video from the '80s all about karate. Look, we all know that when it comes to the decade of decadence, all things karate in visual form begin and end with 'The Karate Kid.' The crane, Johnny Lawrence and the headbands, Ralph Macchio acting about a decade younger than he really was -- they all played a part in why the movie rocked.

Then there's this. This is 'The Next Karate Kid' of videos in that there's simply no need for it. And while that trainwreck of a motion picture had a pre-Oscar winning Hilary Swank, this dud has geishas and a blonde female lead who hopefully kept this off her reel.

Try to stick around 'til the second half when the karate parakeet makes an appearance because as we all know, karate parakeets were needed in videos back then, right?

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