Vacations during the COVID-19 health crisis have become inconvenient to impossible--booking safe flights, securing hotel reservations, etc.

Most of Europe is pretty much off limits. Canada? Forget about it. South America, India, Australia, Africa? Nope. But there ARE some places you could travel to right now from Utica, Rome, Syracuse and the rest of Central New York, without any restrictions. There are exactly nine (9) countries whose policies will allow visitors at any time while the pandemic waxes and wanes. Here's the list, according to CNN:

-Dominican Republic
-North Macedonia

So, if you're interested in observing the cradle of baseball shortstops in the small region of San Pedro de Macoris, or the grounds of the late-90s war between Yugoslavia and Albania, or a northern African nation where the prime minister resigned earlier in the week, you're in luck with these exciting vacation destinations.

If you're seeking an island getaway, many Caribbean spots will also welcome American tourists, with some restrictions, such as 7-day or 14-day quarantining.

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