It's been another long winter in Central New York. And technically spring doesn't officially arrive until Wednesday, March 20th. But, there have been some signs, if you've been paying attention, that it's on its way. Fast. Hopefully.

And we're not talkin' about the traditional signs, like birds chirping, or spring training games in Major League Baseball, or the appearance of flowers and leaves, or the advent of Daylight Saving Time. There are other signs, unique to Central New York, some of them subtle and some a bit more obvious. Here are the Top Signs That Spring is Close in Central New York:

  • The dirt is exposed on the track at the Utica-Rome Speedway, awaiting its first race of the year on April 14th
  • The piles of plowed snow in parking lots around Central New York have receded to below eye-level
  • Herb Philipsons has replaced the winter hats on its shelves with golf shirts and baseball caps
  • Your urge is growing stronger to go have that first hot dog of the year at Voss'
  • The potholes have grown to full maturity
  • The action at the Turning Stone's Golf Dome is getting busy, as CNY golfers anticipate their first outdoor round of the year
  • Basketball Brackets become more important than work
  • Ice cream shops are open for business, with Bonomo's and certain Nickey Doodles locations leading the way
  • ALL the dog turds have popped up in your back lawn to say hello

If you'd like to add any other signs, please drop me a note:

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