In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, this week's '98 Seconds Video' is an interview with a breast cancer survivor.

Ask any woman... Those two words are some of the scariest words you could possibly hear. Naomi Lynn took the opportunity to talk to a breast cancer survivor and get advice for anyone who is a family member or a friend or just knows someone who is going through this.

This video is a little more personal than Naomi's usual "98 Seconds Videos" - Seeing as the breast cancer survivor she's talking to is her mom. She asks her what family and friends can do for someone going through breast cancer. She asks what's something to avoid - Things that people do that they think help, but really don't. And she also asks her mom what advice she would give to someone who gets that life-changing diagnosis.

Watch the video (at the top of this page) to hear the advice this breast cancer survivor gives. And make sure you look for next week's "98 Seconds Video" - It will be part two of this interview, and it will be more on the personal story of Naomi's mom - What she went through when she was diagnosed, and what kept her fighting.

Thank you for watching. And remember  - Mammograms save lives!



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