Kathy Amaya reported that her 2-year-old son vanished during a scheduled visitation with his father approximately thirty-five years ago. Good news, the missing toddler, who is now a grown man, is alive and well.

The Inquisitr reports;

David Amaya is now 37-years-old. He was raised by his grandparents in Mexico and had no idea he was abducted. Although David knew he was American, he was told that his mother left him “abandoned and orphaned.” He said his father dropped him off with his grandparents and rarely came back to visit.

At the end of October, David attempted to return to the United States. He was stopped at the border, and authorities questioned his citizenship.

And his mother is glad they did that because while he was detained for two days, authorities got a hold of his birth certificate, contacted his mother and they reunited!