The last thing New Yorkers want to see is a white Thanksgiving, but some meteorologists are urging that we be prepared for a "potentially significant" snow storm. Great.

According to CNN, weather patterns are beginning to develop that could cause some disruption for the days leading up to Thanksgiving for travel, as well as the actual holiday.

The Weather Prediction Center says that the storm system could begin to develop Sunday in the Midwest, "strengthening daily." By the time it gets near the East Coast on Tuesday, a secondary system could develop along the coast, "exacerbating the disrupting weather conditions in places like New York."

It is too early to resolve detailed effects from low pressure that may be near the East Coast by next Tuesday, but significant rain/snow and strong winds could be possible.

However, just because the reports show currently that there could be a potential storm, doesn't mean it's accurate so early. CNN says that meteorologists run reports regularly to track weather - and can be drastically different from one report to the next.

"It is too early to resolve detailed effects from low pressure that may be near the East Coast by next Tuesday, but significant rain/snow and strong winds could be possible," the WPC says.

"Even though we are still almost a week out and forecasts can change, this looks like a planes, trains and automobiles storm," said CNN meteorologist Chad Myers.

However, if the storm continues the way it seems like it may (the models and trends for the upcoming week will remain consistent,) meteorologists will then be able to say confidently that a storm is on the way.

"Even as the storm moves away by Wednesday, airlines could still be dealing with significant prior cancellations with planes and crew members in the wrong place," Myers says. "This storm has really bad timing."

The National Weather Service out of Binghamton says it's something worth keeping an eye on in their long term forecast for next week:

There is still an abundance of uncertainty with this system, but it looks to be multifaceted and highly impactful. Will keep a close eye on this system as it evolves within the envelope of the model guidance.

We'll keep you updated. We don't want snow to go with our turkey. No thank you.

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