When you're as famous and successful as Madonna, you can pretty much ask for whatever you want and know that you'll get your way.   

So what is it like on Madonna's "MDNA" tour?  There are the shows, of course but behind the scenes, Madonna has a long  list of requirements.    In Touch reports that Madonna has all furniture removed from hotel rooms and replaces it with her own.   She also requires special fabrics, twenty international phone lines and very specific varities of flowers.  Madonna favors white and pink roses and also lillies.  Their stems must be trimmed to six inches.  Wonder what happens if they're not?    The Queen of Pop also reportedly has plenty of company on her tour, traveling with an entourage of two hundred!  That includes  personal chefs , a yoga instructor and thirty bodyguards.   Is any of this suprising to you or what you'd expect from an international superstar?