This past Monday a photo was released from NASA courtesy of their Curiosity Rover of what appears to be a woman on Mars. Is this really a woman or just our eyes playing tricks on us? You be the judge.

The image released by NASA can be found here. If you look closely, and it might help if you zoom in as well, it does in fact appear to be a woman standing on a rock on Mars. Is this really a woman though? It is hard to tell what is actually appearing in this image, it could just be dust.

The human brain is known to be really quite good at seeing patterns. Have you ever sat and watched the clouds go by? Picking out the clouds that seem to resemble something? This might just be the same idea here as well. We are just seeing what we want to see. The term for this is called “pareidolia”.

I will admit looking at this picture I definitely do see the resemblance of a woman here.  However, I have a hard time believing this as fact considering if you put the size of the rocks around her into perspective, this "woman" would only be a few inches tall. But what do I know? Maybe women on Mars are actually very very short! You be the judge.