It's ABC's turn at the Upfronts to premiere its newest offerings, and while earlier today we caught the full schedule for Fall 2014, the network has now premiered first looks at all trailers for its newest programming. Get a first look at Karen Gillan's 'My Fair Lady'-esque 'Selfie,' John Ridley's 'American Crime,' Spielberg alien drama 'The Whispers,' and even an update on Marvel's forthcoming 'Agent Carter' right here!

While the Upfront presentation didn't have anything new to offer of 'Agent Carter' beyond snippets from the one-shot, and either 'Captain America' film, at least the rest of ABC's new offerings got the full trailer treatment. The 'Crash'-esque racial crime drama 'American Crime' drew the most attention from the event, as the story of a crime presented from multiple perspectives, and calling into question different racial divides.

Karen Gillan's 'Selfie' got a few laughs with 'Star Trek' star John Cho, though we'd again question the decision to drop Gillan's native accent (see: Rebel Wilson, 'Super Fun Night'). Elsewhere, midseason comedy 'Fresh Off the Boat' seemed surprising true to the "fresh" of its namesake, mining the childhood of celebrity chef Eddie Huang without leaning too heavily on racial humor.

We'd also be interested to check out Ioan Gruffud's 'Forever,' the story of a centuries-old man who apparently resurrects upon every death in a New York body of water, while the musical midseason replacement 'Galavant' also looks like a nice musical counterpart to 'Once Upon a Time.' And who could forget 'American Horror Story' standout Lily Rabe in Steven Spielberg's 'The Whispers,' with all its creepy children and imaginary alien friends?

Check out all of ABC's newest trailers below, including Shonda Rhimes 'How to Get Away with Murder,' Ryan Phillipe's 'Secrets and Lies,' Anthony Anderson's 'Black-ish,' 'Manhattan Love Story' and Cristela' below, and tell us what you're most excited to see in the comments!

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