Actor Christian Bale flies so low under the radar, you might think he really was Batman.  No doubt about it, Christian Bale isn't your typical Hollywood superstar.  Make that Oscar winning Hollywood superstar.  Fancy cars, pricey homes, broken marriages and constantly popping up in the tabloids.  That may describe many Hollywood stars but not Christian Bale, who happens to be one of my favorite actors.  What makes him different?

Privacy is key for Bale, who according to usatoday, is so private, we don't even know the name of his son.  Unlike say the Kardashians, who thrive on publicity, Bale keeps his family and his private life private.  Good for him.

Bale doesn't believe in campaigning for himself.  While he has no problem promoting films, he won't promote himself.

I will never campaign for myself.  I'll always try to be pushing the films and helping them out.  But I just feel too radically inappropriate to be campaigning for myself.  I think it's just wrong.


No fancy cars and lavish living.  Bale drives a ten year old truck.  No flashy lifestyle for Bale who lives well beneath his means.  That's helpful when choosing roles that you want not because you need to pay off that lavish yacht you just bought.

Totally committed to the role.  When Bale does a movie, he immerses himself in the role.  Sometimes that means losing tons of weight or learning a new dialect.  He's so serious about it, he even takes it home with him.

Bale has two new movies.  "Out of the Furnace" is out now and "American Hustle" will be in theaters this Friday the 13th.

How refreshing to see a big star not get caught up in the web of fame and not willing to put his private life or family in the public view.  Wish there were more like him.