Selena Quintanilla-Perez was murdered 20 years ago, and yesterday, on the anniversary of her death, the tributes rolled in for the late star. Among those honoring the fallen star was Adrienne Bailon, former Cheetah Girl and current host of The Real.

Adrienne's The Real cohost Lani Love introduced the performance on the daytime talk show, calling Selena "the reason [Adrienne is] in show business." Adrienne stepped on stage in a sparkling white crop top and maxi skirt reminiscent of the sort of glamorous looks Selena favored, and sang one of her most popular songs, "I Could Fall in Love."

"My first song singing growing up was Selena," Adrienne, who also said she hadn't performed in years prior to this performance, said. "For me to get back into it, singing a song like this means so much."

The late beauty's sister, Suzette Quintanilla, was in the audience that day. "Thank you for giving me the honor of doing it," Adrienne, who called Selena her idol, told Suzette. "You and my family have changed my life."

Suzette spoke with The Real's hosts before the performance, sharing some memories of Selena — things you may not have seen in the popular Jennifer Lopez biopic based on the actress' life.

"I think the one thing the movie just kind of barely touched on ... she was so humble and so down-to-earth and she would really do anything for anybody if she possibly could," Suzette said. "It's amazing how her legacy has just continued," Suzette said of her sister. "Her legacy is so ... I can actually see it growing."

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